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Wreathed Handrail

Wreath Handrail

Wreath Handrail

At Stairplan we also manufacture Wreath handrails for on our high spec bespoke staircases.

We use the latest in software and 5 axis CNC technology to produce handrails that curve and follow the staircase with the greatest of accuracy.

The handrail shown here was for a property in Saint Jean Cap ferrat near Monaco in the south of France.

Due to the location of this property the photo shows a Pine handrail that was initialy sent out as a trial to check the accuracy of the handrail before we went on to produce the Oak handrail. This was tried onto the existing staircase and fitted perfectly.
This as given us confidence in the software and CNC machinery we use to produce such items .

Due to the demand for this type of railing and the time required in aquiring the correct data from existing staircases we have decided only to offer wreathed handrails on staircases we produce ourselves and not for use on existing or new staircases produced by others.

Wreathed handrail is very complex as the handrail profile has to follow the curve and the rise of the staircase whilst keeping the profile level.

These are the sections of wreath prior to hand finishing.

Wreath handrail sections straight off the machine

Here you can see photo's of the handrail assembled as far as possible ready for shipping.

Oak wreathed handrail ready to ship

Oak wreathed handrail

This is a picture or the same wreath handrail sections showing the joint from the top on the left and from the bottom on the right.

Handrail joint

We have got some photo's of the handrail after installation.

Wreathed handrail installed in the South of France Wreathed handrail section

Wreath - Curved handrail

Look at HT section at the top of the Wreath

Wall handrail section with HT fittings to return th handrail to the wall

Note - Stairplan will only Manufacture Wreath Handrails with the complete Staircase. Bespoke Staircases.

Prescott Flaired Staircase with wreathed handrails

The Prescott Flaired Staircase above had wreathed handrails where the staircase flairs.
Prescott Flaired Staircase

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