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Wreathed Staircases

Oak curved handrail

Wreathed Staircases

At Stairplan we can also make bespoke staircases with curved string and handrail sections.

You will see from the photo's below a staircase we produced with wreathed centre section, the wreath on this staircase is the tightest curve we have produced.

The Photos are of the staircase whilst it was still in our factory, the staircase was also on its side but I hope the pictures will give you some idea of how the staircase will be.

The handrail profile is our SHR profile. The Newel turning is our Colonial Newel tuning, the strings were to be painted the Treads, risers and handrail parts are in Oak.

Wreathed Staircase

The handrails are Pre-jointed and fitted to the staircase in the factory. Handrail to Newel Fixings are Stelten Handrail Fixings.

Wreath handrail section

The treads have to have an even line around the inner string aswell as the walk-line going..

Looking down on a wreathed staircase

You can only appreciate the accuracy of the wreathed sections intill they are assembled with the staircase..

Wreath handrail and string section

This staircase is having bespoke metal balusters, the client is sorcing these directly..

Wreathed handrail

We are one of the few staircase manufacturers in the world who produce their own Wreathed handrail and string sections in house.

Under the staircase

Here you can see the underside of the staircase . (The staircase also had a angled corner that had to be dealt with you can see this in the lower right hand corner of the photo)

Wreathed section from above.

Wreathed handrail

Curved Handrail

Prescott Flared Staircase

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