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Ascending Volute

Oak Ascending Volute

Our New Ascending Volute

At Stairplan we have manufactured made to measure staircases for over 30 years, for many years we have not recommended the Volute detail because it is always far higher than what people want and you can never get them as rigid as a standard newel post.

The Ascending volute gets over these problems by reducing the height of the volute by lowering itself through the turn.

Ascending Volute in Oak
Ascending Volute
The Volute on this Oak Cut String Staircase uses our Standard Stairplan SHR Handrail Profile, you can see from the photo we offer the service to Pre-Fit the Volute to the staircase in the workshop, this covers jointing the volute to the straight handrail and the connections into the Curtail step.

Ascending Volute from the Front

The Spindles in this staircase are 41mm Colonial Spindles in American White Oak.

Oak Volute

The Newel Turnings on this staircase are from our Cheshire Range. Cheshire White Oak Range.

Volute from the Tread side

The grade of Oak on this staircase is "Super Prime" Grade.

Volute from the outside

Ascending Volute in american White Oak

Oak ascending Volute

Look at a Sapele Hardwood Ascending Volute - Washington Staircase


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