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Bespoke Spacesaver Staircases

Beech Bespoke Spacesaver Staircases

Bespoke Spacesaver Staircases

Here are some pictures of a Beech 40 space saver with stainless steel bars in place of the lower risers and traditional risers to the top section this particular combination was chosen because the top section is going through a bedroom wall and wants to be closed off and with the lower section being open plan it gives a feeling of more space on the landing area.



The staircase shown here was built to the following specification :-

Strings - Engineered Beech
Treads - Engineered Beech
Risers - Engineered Beech
Riser safety Bars- Stainless Steel

Part openplan spacesaver

The 40mm tread thickness with the Engineered Beech gives you the required strength for the openplan option.

The Stainless steel riser safety bars are required for Building Regulations and the 100mm sphere regulation.

This staircase is shown in Engineered White Beech all our Engineered Beech staircases are now made from the more popular Steamed Beech . (Engineered Steamed Beech)






Openplan Spacesavers
















You can upgrade the Beech 40 Spacesaver to Openplan this does add extra cost as the manufacturing time is longer.

Openplan Spacesaver in Beech with the European style handrail



This Beech 40 Openplan spacesaver is in the New Steamed Engineered Beech .

On all openplan staircases the top riser is left closed as this sits aginst your trimmer joist .

This Staircase also has the new European style handrail we offer on the Beech 40 Model.

The Balusters are drilled directly into the string and the handrail.

The treads on this spacesaver have been recessed for the optional carpet inserts.














Openplan Beech 40






You can also order the European style handrail for Landing handrails just let us know the lengths you require with your enquiry.











Eropean Style handrail





Baluster Detail.


European Style handrail



















The European style handrail shown here on a standard closed Beech 40 Spacesaver.

European Style handrail option




















Shown with the carpet inserts option.

New style handrail

New Style handrail

We now offer a similar option on the Budget spacesaver and the Birch 24 spacesaver we currently call this the New style handrail, this option is constructed the same way as the European style handrail with the balusters drilled directly into the strings and handrail the main difference is the materials the Balusters are a 20mm Pine Dowel section and the handrail is pine the same as the string.














Oak 40 spacesaver


























We can also offer the Beech 40 specification in Oak here is one shown in American white Oak which is fairly expensive but we can now offer these in Engineered Oak. Oak 40 Prices and Online ordering

Quarter Landing Spacesavers

Here is a Budget spacesaver staircase with a quarter landing turn and the New Style handrail option.


















Quarter Landing option



Quarter landing detail.

As these spacesaver staircases are all made to measure we have a great deal of flexability with the sizes but if you dont have enough space we dont have a magic wand and there are many people who think we do !











Budget space saver with landing





The Quarter turn detail does add quite an expence when constructed all together as this one if your spacesaver staircase is going to be between walls you could choose to cut down the strings on one of our Flatpack spacesavers and form the landing yourself or order the spacesaver in 2 seperate runs for a small additional charge.










Steepness ?

We can also make our space saver staircases shallower and more user friendly if you feel its too steep in standard form.

How to get a quote ?

If you are looking for a quarter landing spacesaver or one of the bespoke options above phone us on 01952 608853 or fax us a sketch on 01952 228679.
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Spacesaver Staircases

We offer a wide range of spacesaver staircases full details of sizes and prices can be found online.
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